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David Morton PE12 B&W FINAL_edited-1

Work in progress is a record of my current projects. I will endeavour to explain through text and images how I make each piece. Showing how I overcome some of the tricky bits such as setting out, indexing,  holding the work.


I am currently working on four pieces. These are:- one small chests, two pencil pots and a dish.

I have already roughed out the basic shapes and they are now drying out as any shrinkage will cause considerable problems later on.

Work in progress Nov.

While pieces are drying and shrinking, I have prepared the ebony inserts for the bowl. To ensure all seven had the same taper I prepared one wide piece of ebony with the necessary taper and then cut it into seven sections 3mm thick.


Drilling 1mm holes into a piece of burr can be quite tricky as the drill will often be deflected by denser wood or a hidden shake below the surface. To overcome this problem I make drilling templates out of aluminium and secure them to the surface of the  wood.

drilling templates

The templates in the image above are for positioning the inlay into the top of a small jewellery chest and for the silver dots around the center piece.

chest inlay











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